Record Shops….remember them

This is Up North Records in Chester, right opposite the Cathedral if you ever visit.

290720 - P1150048_Nik_HDRhdr
HDR version of the original image using Affinity Photo software.

4 thoughts on “Record Shops….remember them

  1. Yes, I remember them well, Ian. Back in the 80s, I was always in 2nd hand record stores when I lived in London. There was a chain of them (one shop was in Nottinghill Gate), Record and Tape Exchange where I could purchase 12-inch singles for as little as 50p. I’d spend hours in there.


    1. Quite agree Hugh, great places. My earliest memory was as a 7 year old amongst all these teeenage hippies in 1969, staring at the Led Zeppelin 1 artwork. London must have had hundreds of these type of shops. Even on the Wirral where i lived we had 4 in my home town.

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      1. Yes, there were lots of them. They were as popular as the coffee shops and nail bars we now see on the high street, Ian. I ended up selling most of what I purchased on eBay (after my DJ days finished). I couldn’t quite believe how much some the vinyl went for.


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