Back to normality

Its a week since i had my first covid19 vaccine. Since then i’ve tried to keep away from people or places that might give me the virus, in other words shops. Apparently it takes at least 12 days for your body to become immunised so it seemed rather silly to put myself at risk on the slowing down lap.

So i haven’t really been out of the house for a week now and i was starting to really feel lethargic. Every day was exactly the same as the one before. I slept too much and drank far more than i should. I haven’t picked up a camera in almost a fortnight !

So today we went out, socially distancing, with my daughter and her boyfriend. The location was a place called Burton marshland, a bird wildlife sanctuary on the border between England and Wales. The sun was out and both the temperatures and the company were most pleasant. And this is what i took.

3 thoughts on “Back to normality

  1. Sleeping too much…feeling lethargic…snowing with ice covered sidewalks and stairs…eating too much – going for a walk with friends/family and camera – medicine for the soul. Thank you for the prescription.


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