This is a Big River

This is the River Mersey and the city of Liverpool in the UK as it was yesterday, February 22nd 2021, day 336 of lockdown. As a waterfront it must rank as one of the most iconic in the World next to the New York skyline and it is a view that never ceases to recharge my batteries. I live only a few miles from where i took this picture and often think about how lucky i am to have this on my doorstep.

As a skyline it has been added to in the past twenty years as the city continues to grow, chiefly on the back of tourism which should hopefully return from mid-summer onwards after yesterdays promising announcement by our Government.

It will be great to see those city streets busy again, full of different languages and cultures as people from all over the world discover the city and its treasurers. You’ve all been missed. It’s a big River…..too big for us alone.

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