Be VERY careful what you write ! And What You TOUCH

Three weeks ago i wrote a post on here pointing out how colds, flu and other viruses don’t seem to have been as prevelant this year. The link is here if you want to read it

Well as i write this i am into day 5 of the nastiest stomach virus i have ever had. Just goes to show how much drivel you can make up. And yes, statistically, flu and other virus cases are down, but they are still out there. You have to be vigiliant because its so easy to catch these things.

I think it was seconds after taking this picture that i picked up the virus. The camera battery died after taking this picture so once i put the camera in my pocket i rested my hands on a metal railing in front of me and took in the view and the sensations. Probably for a good few minutes. I am fairly certain that railing contained the bug and by the time i next used hand sanitizer it was too late. It could have been Covid19 ! I was lucky.

This has been a real wake up call for me so i’m hoping to pass on the message. DON’T take your eyes off the ball. Covid is everywhere. Don’t touch anything you dont have to and sanitize your hands constantly. At the very least it will stop you becoming sick, at its extreme it could save your life.

2 thoughts on “Be VERY careful what you write ! And What You TOUCH

  1. This was a really close call for you, Ian. I hope you feel much better soon! I always carry a small bottle of sanitiser in my pocket when out and about.


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