6 Months Retired

I’ve just realised that i have been retired for 6 months. In some ways a long 6 months, in other ways it has gone fast. I haven’t done half of what i should have done and even less of what i’ve wanted to do. Coronavirus has kept us pinned down and despite coming through the darkest winter imagineable my mental health is better than ever.

Turning my back on the toxicity of my employers late last summer was a life saver. Only in hindsight can i see the danger i was in and how fortunate i was to survive. The great irony was that i worked for a charity in the “caring” sector but in reality all they cared about were themselves, their own futures and their own wages. On their watch vulnerable people died.

My physical and mental well being was at an all time low last summer. Panic attacks were as regular as buses. My mind was inventing illnesses that didn’t even exist. And we had covid19. Early retirement has suited me. My mind, body and soul are free. Free of guilt, free of greed, free of witnessing corruption and incompetence, free of financial worry.

In those 6 months our movements have been restricted. I haven’t been able to enjoy the physical company of friends and some days i’ve felt like a caged animal. However in that same timescale mankind has not only developed a vaccine but managed to vaccinate amost half of the UK population.

So i raise a glass to you all and wonder what the next 6 months will bring ? Freedom for all i hope.

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