The return of an old friend part 2

After getting my old Pentax ME Super fixed last week i had an opportunity to take it out for a shoot last week. It was the first time i had used it in over 32 years and it was incredible how everything instantly came back to me. I knew exactly where all the controls where, what they did, which way the focus ring turned etc. It was all second nature. I’ve got my favourite camera back, a direct link to everything i ever did in photography and also a link to my youth. These are a few of the shots i took at new Brighton beach last week. All images were shot on Ilford HP5+ and developed in Rodinol 1.100.

4 thoughts on “The return of an old friend part 2

  1. I love black & white photography, and do like them when they aren’t digitally manipulated, just as they are and definitely with film there’s usually just that one chance, quite exciting and nerve-wracking πŸ™‚


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