A boxful of stories

This is a British mail box commonly known as a post box or pillar box. This particular one stands outside Birkenhead Park on Merseyside and is over 150 years old. It is called a “Penfold” box, named after its designer John Penfold. It is made of cast iron and dates to between 1866 & 1879 during the reign of Queen Victoria. It is one of only 14 of this type and age to survive. Another is only a few miles away in a local village called Oxton and yet another is outside the Town Hall in Chester.

Here it has stood through two world wars, two pandemics, countless Governments and monarchs, floods, disasters and occassions. When it was installed the combustion engine was in its infancy. Manned flight was a dream. Charles Dickens was all the rage and Jack the Ripper had yet to begin his reign of terror.

Here it has stood throughout all this time. Standing tall and obedient enabling millions of people to stay in touch. Photographing it today got me thinking about how many letters had passed between its iron lips. How many stories has it helped convey. How many lovers did it unite, families heal, lost souls discover, tears ignite, smiles broaden. A million stories, written on paper, now lost to time. And still she stands. Tall and proud.

5 thoughts on “A boxful of stories

  1. This is beautiful! Sending letters has become a dying art that I have been trying to resurrect but most people opt for the digital. Such a shame. This is the coolest mailbox I’ve ever seen.

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      1. Sigh. It’s just not the same. I have a pen pal who is a college freshman. She’s the granddaughter of a friend and an absolute delight to exchange letters with periodically. But she’s sort of an old soul and probably not typical of modern youth.

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