The return of an old friend part 2

After getting my old Pentax ME Super fixed last week i had an opportunity to take it out for a shoot last week. It was the first time i had used it in over 32 years and it was incredible how everything instantly came back to me. I knew exactly where all the controls where, … Continue reading The return of an old friend part 2

An afternoon in the park

Mid March and after staying indoors for most of the past 5 weeks i decided i needed to get out and about and continue with my project "The Park", documenting 12 months in the life of the world's first municipal park, Birkenhead Park. The weather is still really cold here in the UK, most temperatures … Continue reading An afternoon in the park

The sleeping stadium

All over the world stadiums and sporting venues remain dormant, suspended in a state of readiness, awaiting the magic kiss that will re-awaken them. From World leading venues to the local cricket pitch they sit patiently awaiting our return. This is the Deva stadium, home to Chester City Football Club. Not the most glamorous nor … Continue reading The sleeping stadium

Back to normality

Its a week since i had my first covid19 vaccine. Since then i've tried to keep away from people or places that might give me the virus, in other words shops. Apparently it takes at least 12 days for your body to become immunised so it seemed rather silly to put myself at risk on … Continue reading Back to normality

Pinhole photography, back to basics.

I've had a chance to get out with my pinhole camera lately, basically a wooden box with no lens. I loaded it up with a roll of Ferrania P30, a beautiful rich and very fine grained black and white film from Italy. A Christmas present. I love shooting with my pinhole camera, an Ondu 135 … Continue reading Pinhole photography, back to basics.

Dramatic Winterscapes part 2

The second part of my winterscape pictures shot yesterday when i met up with my daughter. self portrait I'm hoping to get out a bit with the cameras this week before further lockdown restrictions are inevitably put upon us. My fear is that we will be stopped from travelling even a few miles from home … Continue reading Dramatic Winterscapes part 2

Goodbye to the Christmas that never was

We debated it for months. We had "circuit breakers" & "mini lockdowns" and "tiers" all so we could have a normal Christmas. How was it ever going to be normal in the middle of a pandemic ? And now the ones who "failed to play it safe", those who "took a chance", are paying the … Continue reading Goodbye to the Christmas that never was