The last U-Boat

This is the home of what remains of U534, the last U-Boat ever to set sail. On May 5th 1945, the day after all German forces had surrenderd U534 was spotted sailing of the Danish coast and was sunk by an RAF Liberator. Amazingly all the crew escaped but sadly two died waiting to be … Continue reading The last U-Boat

The Shotwick 9 – The American pilots

Three of the airmen buried in Shotwick were from the USA, New York, Hyde Park & Arlington Heights to be specific. These are their stories. Lieutenant Leornard Sowersby Morange RAF 55th Training Dept Station - died 11 August 1918 - age 22 Son of Edward A and Julia Sowersby Morange of Bronxville, New York, USA. … Continue reading The Shotwick 9 – The American pilots

Remembering the Shotwick 9 – Two incidents on one day

I wrote yesterday about the WW1 pilots graves i have discovered in a village not far from where i live. This is the first of their stories. Flying Cadet Vernon Francis Gibson 51st Training Depot Station - British - died saturday November 9th 1918 aged 19 Vernon Gibson was only 19 years old when he … Continue reading Remembering the Shotwick 9 – Two incidents on one day

Remembering the Fallen

I bought my daughter a book of WW1 poetry recently and it has inadvertently started me on another quest. The search for local Commonwealth War Graves in my area from the first world war, hopefully telling you the tales of the fallen; respectfully attempting to remember them 100 years on. This all started with my … Continue reading Remembering the Fallen