An afternoon in the park

Mid March and after staying indoors for most of the past 5 weeks i decided i needed to get out and about and continue with my project "The Park", documenting 12 months in the life of the world's first municipal park, Birkenhead Park. The weather is still really cold here in the UK, most temperatures … Continue reading An afternoon in the park

Hidden Victorian Gardens and Zoo

Todays post is a bit more upbeat, back to normal. Pics & stories not politics and opinions, although that will re-surface as this is all part of how photography is guiding me through an anxious world. Anyway, a few days ago, to ease the frustration of living in what felt like captivity, my wife and … Continue reading Hidden Victorian Gardens and Zoo

Down in the Park….

Another dry day another chance to update one of my projects. "The Park" is the photographic story of 12 months in the life of the worlds oldest municipal park, Birkenhead Park in Merseyside in the UK. Opened in 1847 it has lived through 2 world wars and now 2 pandemics. After the floodA visit to … Continue reading Down in the Park….

A trip to the garden centre

Seed potatoes are in stock. Hence my trip on this freezing day to the local garden centre. Some of the eventual crop will make up my Xmas dinner in 11 months time, which is a rather strange thought. So, as usual i had my camera with me because you never know what you will see … Continue reading A trip to the garden centre

More pictures from “The Park”.

I haven't done any work on my Birkenhead Park project for a while so yesterday i decided to go and take a few shots.These were all taken on my Canon EOS 5D with 70 - 200mm lens . More images and details of the project itself can be seen on the projects web site at: … Continue reading More pictures from “The Park”.