Street photography in deserted streets on lockdown day 330.

Even idiots are allowed opinions. These days are difficult for us street photographers. There's nobody about. Well, thats technically not true, there are a few, but with most people observing lockdown measures it does make the art somewhat difficult. Never mind. So with layered clothing and gloves i had a walk around New Brighton today … Continue reading Street photography in deserted streets on lockdown day 330.

Thank you for your normality

Its normal to go to the shops. Even in a pandemic we take shopping for granted. We can buy whatever we like. We are spoiled for choice. Apart from face coverings nothing is different. We take these places for granted. But do we stop and consider the people, the heroes, who have given us this … Continue reading Thank you for your normality

The Children of the Night…

A new month and onwards towards a new hope we march. But not before winter has finished with us. Today offered rare blue skies despite the biting cold. Long dark shadows. Perfect conditions for some gothic images. “Listen to them, the children of the night. What music they make!” Bram Stoker

Insanity and Incarceration

"We live alone, together, seperated from what we know, what we knew. Consciousness is our prison guarded by fear. Each day a repeat of the one before until darkness promises an end. Don't look at the light, don't follow the song. Stay in the dark. Its what they want." This is called "Insanity 8". Part … Continue reading Insanity and Incarceration

The Midnight Mourner

She waits, under the glow of every full moon. lillies long since useful. Waiting. The desire for her long dead lover suffocating every last breath within. Through seasons changes and ages past she still returns. Always under the full moon. Always at midnight. Only to fade as smoke into the cold darkness. A whisper on … Continue reading The Midnight Mourner