The last U-Boat

This is the home of what remains of U534, the last U-Boat ever to set sail. On May 5th 1945, the day after all German forces had surrenderd U534 was spotted sailing of the Danish coast and was sunk by an RAF Liberator. Amazingly all the crew escaped but sadly two died waiting to be … Continue reading The last U-Boat

It was sixty years ago today…..

Exactly 60 years ago today, the Beatles played here, the Grosvenor Ballrooms in liscard, Wirral. Between June 1960 and September 1961 they played here 14 times and apparently hated the place. There were constant fights with hundreds of teddy boys from different ends of the town, squaring up. The Beatles often had to run from … Continue reading It was sixty years ago today…..

This is a Big River

This is the River Mersey and the city of Liverpool in the UK as it was yesterday, February 22nd 2021, day 336 of lockdown. As a waterfront it must rank as one of the most iconic in the World next to the New York skyline and it is a view that never ceases to recharge … Continue reading This is a Big River

The Beatles and Operation Big Beat

New Brighton is an old victorian town built on the banks of the River Mersey, opposite Liverpool. It has gone through many transformations over the years but in the 1960s it hit a particular highspot. The Tower Ballroom, the remaining brick structure from the country's tallest tower, became the second most played venue by The … Continue reading The Beatles and Operation Big Beat

Recent pictures

For one reason or another the following pictures were never posted here so as the curtain falls on the most dramatic of years i thought i would share them with you. Llandudno, North Wales at the end of July 2020. I was amused by the fact that the next speedboat ride isn't for a year. … Continue reading Recent pictures

Liverpool in lockdown 2

As we continue our battle with Covid19 i thought i would take an evening stroll around Liverpool, the first English city to enter Tier 3 of restrictions after recording the countries highest rates of the disease 5 weeks ago. I wanted to see how quiet it was with bars, non-food shops and hotels shut. All … Continue reading Liverpool in lockdown 2

Feelings about entering “Lockdown 2” in the UK

Things feel bad again here in the UK. In particular in the North West, near Liverpool, where i live. The media and the Government are frightening us with doomsday statistics. Businesses are closing and our movements are being restricted again. As i write we await an announcement by the Prime Minister putting this area into … Continue reading Feelings about entering “Lockdown 2” in the UK

Happy Birthday Mr Lennon

I can't live so close the city and not post about John Lennon's birthday. One of Liverpool's greatest talents was born eighty years ago today. Tragically he was also taken from us 40 years ago and it was only since his death that the city started to erect statues and plaques. The day he was … Continue reading Happy Birthday Mr Lennon

Anfield part 2

Thursday July 9th 2020 The rest of my images from yesterdays stroll around Liverpool Football clubs ground. A bit more abstract this time. The Hillsborough Memorial Everton & Liverpool, red or blue, doesn't matter. The Hillsborough Memorial. The Anfield Road entrance. Anfield Rd The Shankly Gates on Anfield Rd The great Kenny Dalglish The Kenny … Continue reading Anfield part 2

A walk round Anfield Stadium, home of Premiership Winners 2020, Liverpool FC.

Wednesday July 8th 2020 The famous Kop from Walton Breck Rd I only work a mile away from Anfield yet it is somewhere i haven't walked around for quite a while. Certainly not since the new stand was finished. So today, in lockdown day 107 or something, i decided to go and photograph the old … Continue reading A walk round Anfield Stadium, home of Premiership Winners 2020, Liverpool FC.