When “the greats” came to town

Back in the 70s and 80s the major tennis pro's of the day didn't just play at Wimbledon. In fact they often entered low key events throughout the country to get practice playing on grass. One of those tournaments took place in a public park in West Kirby on the Wirral every June and has … Continue reading When “the greats” came to town

Summer evening at the beach

The last few days in the UK have been hot.............well, hot by our standards...................certainly not Las Vegas HOT ! Anyway, seems like that was our summer. Nowadays it seems we can measure our summers here in Britain in terms of days instead of months ! Anyway, to celebrate, i took my camera to the beach … Continue reading Summer evening at the beach

Manchester Ship Canal

Opened in January 1894, at the time the Manchester Ship Canal was the longest river navigation canal in the world. Built at a cost of £15 million ( £1.7 billion today), it allowed the city of Manchester to become Britains 3rd busiest port despite being 40 miles inland. Some shipping does still use the 36 … Continue reading Manchester Ship Canal