Back to normality

Its a week since i had my first covid19 vaccine. Since then i've tried to keep away from people or places that might give me the virus, in other words shops. Apparently it takes at least 12 days for your body to become immunised so it seemed rather silly to put myself at risk on … Continue reading Back to normality

Pinhole photography, back to basics.

I've had a chance to get out with my pinhole camera lately, basically a wooden box with no lens. I loaded it up with a roll of Ferrania P30, a beautiful rich and very fine grained black and white film from Italy. A Christmas present. I love shooting with my pinhole camera, an Ondu 135 … Continue reading Pinhole photography, back to basics.

Down in the Park….

Another dry day another chance to update one of my projects. "The Park" is the photographic story of 12 months in the life of the worlds oldest municipal park, Birkenhead Park in Merseyside in the UK. Opened in 1847 it has lived through 2 world wars and now 2 pandemics. After the floodA visit to … Continue reading Down in the Park….

Rain, rain, rain.

Here in the UK it seems like its been raining forever. Certainly December and January have been exceptionally bad. Grey days with the lights on at 3 o clock, 16 hours of darkness, cold that never seems to ease, damp mist getting into your bones. Parts of the UK have had severe floods in the … Continue reading Rain, rain, rain.

A trip to the garden centre

Seed potatoes are in stock. Hence my trip on this freezing day to the local garden centre. Some of the eventual crop will make up my Xmas dinner in 11 months time, which is a rather strange thought. So, as usual i had my camera with me because you never know what you will see … Continue reading A trip to the garden centre