Thank you for your normality

Its normal to go to the shops. Even in a pandemic we take shopping for granted. We can buy whatever we like. We are spoiled for choice. Apart from face coverings nothing is different. We take these places for granted. But do we stop and consider the people, the heroes, who have given us this … Continue reading Thank you for your normality

A trip to the garden centre

Seed potatoes are in stock. Hence my trip on this freezing day to the local garden centre. Some of the eventual crop will make up my Xmas dinner in 11 months time, which is a rather strange thought. So, as usual i had my camera with me because you never know what you will see … Continue reading A trip to the garden centre

2020. What just happpened ….!!!!!

If, like me, you are looking back on the past 12 months in the same way a battered boxer would the previous 10 rounds, then let me remind you that did happen. The WORLD shut down. Almost 2 million people have died as a result of this virus called covid19 so far. Football teams … Continue reading 2020. What just happpened ….!!!!!

A few Christmas Images

Seeing as most houses in the UK appear to be fully dressed for Christmas and to celebrate the UK being the first country in the world to licence a covid19 vaccine, i thought i would get in on the act and post a few jolly shots taken of Garden Centre and shop displays recently. I … Continue reading A few Christmas Images

Life after Lockdown 2

Its been a week of big announcements here in the UK. On Tuesday we were told we could celebrate Christmas !!!! And this morning it was announced what would be happening to each area of England when lockdown ends next Wednesday night. As far as this area, Merseyside, Wirral & Cheshire is concerned the news … Continue reading Life after Lockdown 2

Liverpool in lockdown 2

As we continue our battle with Covid19 i thought i would take an evening stroll around Liverpool, the first English city to enter Tier 3 of restrictions after recording the countries highest rates of the disease 5 weeks ago. I wanted to see how quiet it was with bars, non-food shops and hotels shut. All … Continue reading Liverpool in lockdown 2

A quiet winters walk past a sleeping steamship

TSS Duke of Lancaster. Moored in Mostyn Dock, North Wales, since 1979. On the banks of the River Dee in North Wales sits a rusting old steamship. The TSS Duke of Lancaster. Since retirement from service in 1979 she has resided on the river's bank serving first as a "fun" ship, available for party hire … Continue reading A quiet winters walk past a sleeping steamship