The wait is over

All last summer, the lost summer of 2020, cricket pitches around the country lay idle as our national game of cricket was put on hold. What an outrage. An English summer without cricket.... is there such a thing ? A few lucky clubs got to squeeze in a few matches before the onset of autumn … Continue reading The wait is over

6 Months Retired

I've just realised that i have been retired for 6 months. In some ways a long 6 months, in other ways it has gone fast. I haven't done half of what i should have done and even less of what i've wanted to do. Coronavirus has kept us pinned down and despite coming through the … Continue reading 6 Months Retired

Recent pictures

For one reason or another the following pictures were never posted here so as the curtain falls on the most dramatic of years i thought i would share them with you. Llandudno, North Wales at the end of July 2020. I was amused by the fact that the next speedboat ride isn't for a year. … Continue reading Recent pictures

A few more memories

This is another selection of images and their stories from 2020. This was Liverpool City Centre, during the height of the pandemic, in early May. These normally grid-locked streets were deserted. Walking around here was so eerie. It really was like a scene from a sci-fi movie. I love shooting street photography but in the … Continue reading A few more memories

I simply remember my favourite things……

Or favourite pictures in this case. December is always a time of reflection. An opportunity to glance back at the recent past and remember both good and bad. Every year i produce, for myself, a 40 page hardback book of my pictures of the year. I am in the process of designing this years book … Continue reading I simply remember my favourite things……

Planning for Spring

To garden is to always live in the future. While Christmas and the winter winds have yet to arrive, i am planning springtime. I have a few bulbs still to plant on Saturday as it is a good day for working with flowering plants and i am organising my seed order. What to grow, where, … Continue reading Planning for Spring

A disappointing crop

According to my moon almanack today is a good day to lift potatoes. They will store better if cropped today. So with anticipation i emptied my two bags of Fir Apple maincrop to find..............not much ! One pound of Fir Apple maincrop potatoes from one bag and two pounds from the other. This is half … Continue reading A disappointing crop

The world in infrared.

Port Sunlight shot with infrared film. Before the last rays of summer bade us farewell i decided to run one final roll of infrared film through my camera. Conditions were perfect. Bright sun, clear blue sky. For those that don't know, infrared ( or IR ) film produces strange and dream like results. Using a … Continue reading The world in infrared.

What was on that old roll of film ?

I found this part exposed roll of film in a camera i recently bought Last week i posted about the 110 Halina camera i had bought and was testing, inside of which was a part exposed roll of Boots film probably dating back to the 1980's. Curiosity got the better of me and i sent … Continue reading What was on that old roll of film ?

Today’s the day my life changes

At 2pm ( BST) this afternoon i officially retire from the workplace. After 41 years my time becomes my own. On the site of this building stood my first workplace. The head office of construction company Holland, Hannen & Cubitts. I walked into here on my first day of work, Aug 13th 1979. I took … Continue reading Today’s the day my life changes