Remembering the Shotwick 9 – Two incidents on one day

I wrote yesterday about the WW1 pilots graves i have discovered in a village not far from where i live. This is the first of their stories. Flying Cadet Vernon Francis Gibson 51st Training Depot Station - British - died saturday November 9th 1918 aged 19 Vernon Gibson was only 19 years old when he … Continue reading Remembering the Shotwick 9 – Two incidents on one day

The return of an old friend

This is my old Pentax ME Super. My first 35mm camera bought as a 21st present a long time ago ! It was the start of everything for me. Then in 1989 i upgraded to Canon EOS because they had auto focus ( that i badly needed ) and a motor wind. I shot motor … Continue reading The return of an old friend

Ode to Battles lost

"That whispering, suffocating, invisible virus that corrupted our world, stealing the weak and the frail and the old. Borne of air and transported by the fools and the selfish through every breath. We stand firm to suffer your bitter sting 'cause no matter how many or how long the battles rage you cannot win the … Continue reading Ode to Battles lost

The Winter Warrior

This is the latest of my photo compilations, called "The Winter Warrior". Alone and aloof through millennia the Winter Warrior has kept safe the souls of the weak. Through tempest and foul storm, blinding darkness and bitter cold she mourns her liege, her protector, her teacher, her love. She fears no beast or man. No … Continue reading The Winter Warrior

The Midnight Mourner

She waits, under the glow of every full moon. lillies long since useful. Waiting. The desire for her long dead lover suffocating every last breath within. Through seasons changes and ages past she still returns. Always under the full moon. Always at midnight. Only to fade as smoke into the cold darkness. A whisper on … Continue reading The Midnight Mourner

UK virus lockdown – post 4 – a few hours before full isolation.

Well, it had to come. Home quarantine is here in the UK. And i for one welcome it as the only way to stop some of the most selfish acts of behaviour i have ever seen over the past few days. Even my next door neighbour had her son & his girlfriend up from London … Continue reading UK virus lockdown – post 4 – a few hours before full isolation.

UK virus lockdown – Post 2 – a visit to the supermarket.

Saturday March 20th, 2pm in the afternoon. This is my first visit to a supermarket since panic buying became a new sport. I must say, apart from fresh meat and booze the shelves were well stocked, the tills were coping well and the shops weren't particularly busy. Hopefully the ones who are panicking will soon … Continue reading UK virus lockdown – Post 2 – a visit to the supermarket.

When camera technology goes wrong

I have written before about the technology in modern cameras, how i feel it is allowing anyone to take great pictures. But sometimes it is too clever for its own use. Take "image stabilisation" for example. The technology designed to over-ride camera shake and give you sharp pictures at slow shutter speeds. Sounds marvellous and … Continue reading When camera technology goes wrong