Remembering the Fallen

I bought my daughter a book of WW1 poetry recently and it has inadvertently started me on another quest. The search for local Commonwealth War Graves in my area from the first world war, hopefully telling you the tales of the fallen; respectfully attempting to remember them 100 years on. This all started with my … Continue reading Remembering the Fallen

Back to normality

Its a week since i had my first covid19 vaccine. Since then i've tried to keep away from people or places that might give me the virus, in other words shops. Apparently it takes at least 12 days for your body to become immunised so it seemed rather silly to put myself at risk on … Continue reading Back to normality

A few more memories

This is another selection of images and their stories from 2020. This was Liverpool City Centre, during the height of the pandemic, in early May. These normally grid-locked streets were deserted. Walking around here was so eerie. It really was like a scene from a sci-fi movie. I love shooting street photography but in the … Continue reading A few more memories

A quiet winters walk past a sleeping steamship

TSS Duke of Lancaster. Moored in Mostyn Dock, North Wales, since 1979. On the banks of the River Dee in North Wales sits a rusting old steamship. The TSS Duke of Lancaster. Since retirement from service in 1979 she has resided on the river's bank serving first as a "fun" ship, available for party hire … Continue reading A quiet winters walk past a sleeping steamship

What was on that old roll of film ?

I found this part exposed roll of film in a camera i recently bought Last week i posted about the 110 Halina camera i had bought and was testing, inside of which was a part exposed roll of Boots film probably dating back to the 1980's. Curiosity got the better of me and i sent … Continue reading What was on that old roll of film ?

Wales re-opens after 4 months in lockdown….. sort of

I ventured in to North Wales last week. A country that has had stricter lockdown measures than England, despite being part of the same land mass and having no physical border. Its complicated here in the British Isles. Suffice to say that they are now open to tourists. And the strange thing was the lack of … Continue reading Wales re-opens after 4 months in lockdown….. sort of