The return of an old friend part 2

After getting my old Pentax ME Super fixed last week i had an opportunity to take it out for a shoot last week. It was the first time i had used it in over 32 years and it was incredible how everything instantly came back to me. I knew exactly where all the controls where, … Continue reading The return of an old friend part 2

Be VERY careful what you write ! And What You TOUCH

Three weeks ago i wrote a post on here pointing out how colds, flu and other viruses don't seem to have been as prevelant this year. The link is here if you want to read it Well as i write this i am into day 5 of the nastiest stomach virus i have ever … Continue reading Be VERY careful what you write ! And What You TOUCH

A Winter without the common cold or flu

Have you noticed how the common cold or even the flu is nowhere near as prevelant this winter ? Every year you know of friends or family who have been struck down with a cold of some description, especially during the weeks after Christmas. I haven't heard of anyone coming down with a cold. This … Continue reading A Winter without the common cold or flu

Street photography in deserted streets on lockdown day 330.

Even idiots are allowed opinions. These days are difficult for us street photographers. There's nobody about. Well, thats technically not true, there are a few, but with most people observing lockdown measures it does make the art somewhat difficult. Never mind. So with layered clothing and gloves i had a walk around New Brighton today … Continue reading Street photography in deserted streets on lockdown day 330.

The Winter Warrior

This is the latest of my photo compilations, called "The Winter Warrior". Alone and aloof through millennia the Winter Warrior has kept safe the souls of the weak. Through tempest and foul storm, blinding darkness and bitter cold she mourns her liege, her protector, her teacher, her love. She fears no beast or man. No … Continue reading The Winter Warrior

Pinhole photography, back to basics.

I've had a chance to get out with my pinhole camera lately, basically a wooden box with no lens. I loaded it up with a roll of Ferrania P30, a beautiful rich and very fine grained black and white film from Italy. A Christmas present. I love shooting with my pinhole camera, an Ondu 135 … Continue reading Pinhole photography, back to basics.

Hidden Victorian Gardens and Zoo

Todays post is a bit more upbeat, back to normal. Pics & stories not politics and opinions, although that will re-surface as this is all part of how photography is guiding me through an anxious world. Anyway, a few days ago, to ease the frustration of living in what felt like captivity, my wife and … Continue reading Hidden Victorian Gardens and Zoo

Whatever happened to the future ?…

I write this in a melancholic mood. I'm 58, it is a cold dark miserable February day, i am mourning the death of friends and we are in the second calendar year of a global pandemic. I haven't held my daughter for almost 5 months, my childhood heroes are charging into their graves like first … Continue reading Whatever happened to the future ?…

The Children of the Night…

A new month and onwards towards a new hope we march. But not before winter has finished with us. Today offered rare blue skies despite the biting cold. Long dark shadows. Perfect conditions for some gothic images. “Listen to them, the children of the night. What music they make!” Bram Stoker

A Winters morning at the boatyard

Ive shot at this location many times before, most recently in early December. It calls to me, especially in winter. It is now when the place is at its most melancholic, when the quiet offers an eerie lonliness 'cept for the chiming of rigging against mast, reminding one of time passing, second by second. And … Continue reading A Winters morning at the boatyard