The Hidden Pain

You pass them on the street. Every day. The lonely. The hurting. The victims and the guilty. The starters and the finishers. We all carry pain but for some it weighs more. You can't always see the tears or hear the cries, they're good at hiding it. They seem at peace so we walk on … Continue reading The Hidden Pain

Insanity and Incarceration

"We live alone, together, seperated from what we know, what we knew. Consciousness is our prison guarded by fear. Each day a repeat of the one before until darkness promises an end. Don't look at the light, don't follow the song. Stay in the dark. Its what they want." This is called "Insanity 8". Part … Continue reading Insanity and Incarceration

Change happens fast

This time last year i wrote a piece on here questioning the purpose of Christmas. As an observation of its time it stands honest. However in the climate of 2020 it sounds very dated. You see, change happens so very fast that we often can't see it. One minute we live in a selfish world … Continue reading Change happens fast

overcoming the late summer blues

I love summer. And this one has been one of my favourites, despite the wet weather here in North West England. But like all good things it has to end. And that makes me sad. You see, this summer is when i really rediscovered photography. I know the seasons all offer their own unique opportunities … Continue reading overcoming the late summer blues