The wait is over

All last summer, the lost summer of 2020, cricket pitches around the country lay idle as our national game of cricket was put on hold. What an outrage. An English summer without cricket.... is there such a thing ? A few lucky clubs got to squeeze in a few matches before the onset of autumn … Continue reading The wait is over

Planning for Spring

To garden is to always live in the future. While Christmas and the winter winds have yet to arrive, i am planning springtime. I have a few bulbs still to plant on Saturday as it is a good day for working with flowering plants and i am organising my seed order. What to grow, where, … Continue reading Planning for Spring

A trip to the supermarket

Friday 17th April 2020 Lockdown Day 25 Made a trip to Asda for groceries yesterday. The first time i had visited a supermarket since the lockdown began. These are the pictures.   Todays stats (BBC) All pictures copyright Ian Simpson. Shot in Wirral. In Wirral we have a population of 323,000. Total confirmed Corona cases … Continue reading A trip to the supermarket

Happy News During the Lockdown

Thursday 16th April 2020 Lockdown Day 24 Despite the sun and the blue skies, these are difficult times. So, today i am looking at the happy side of this lockdown. The wonderful things people are doing for each other, the humour and the laughter. Its not all doom & gloom. Here are just a few … Continue reading Happy News During the Lockdown

Coping with anxiety, the TV broadcasters responsibility and Wirral in the lockdown

Wednesday 8th April 2020 Three weeks ago i was sent home from work, being told to self isolate for 7 days. Well that extended to the furlough, whereby we are laid off temporarily from work and the Government pays us 80% of our normal wage. In that short time the UK has suffered high numbers … Continue reading Coping with anxiety, the TV broadcasters responsibility and Wirral in the lockdown