Mordor….Before and after

I haven't posted much photography lately, what with the weather being so cold and damp. Instead i have been brushing up on my Affinity photo skills, producing a series of digital montages and fantasy pictures. For a change i thought i would show you a before and after. The sunset was captured a few days … Continue reading Mordor….Before and after

More pictures from “The Park”.

I haven't done any work on my Birkenhead Park project for a while so yesterday i decided to go and take a few shots.These were all taken on my Canon EOS 5D with 70 - 200mm lens . More images and details of the project itself can be seen on the projects web site at: … Continue reading More pictures from “The Park”.

Dramatic Winterscapes part 2

The second part of my winterscape pictures shot yesterday when i met up with my daughter. self portrait I'm hoping to get out a bit with the cameras this week before further lockdown restrictions are inevitably put upon us. My fear is that we will be stopped from travelling even a few miles from home … Continue reading Dramatic Winterscapes part 2

A New Year…A New World

As we turn the page and look forward to memories yet to be made we enter that strange phase between festivities and normality. That transition back to reality and for most, work. In a few days we will be back to the daily 9 to 5. Christmas and the New Year will be memories. Some … Continue reading A New Year…A New World

Stormy winter coastline

This is a very quiet piece of coastline on the Wirral called Hoylake. it is a quiet esplanade now looking out onto wetland sands, however it wasn't always this quiet. In 1690 William III set sail from here to Ireland with a 10,000 strong army to take part in the Battle of the Boyne. But … Continue reading Stormy winter coastline

This could be the best Christmas EVER..

The pandemic is preventing families mixing over the Christmas period. But is that a bad thing ? This year there will be limited family to entertain, smaller meals, no need to get dressed up, no need to get up ! No pressure, no family politics, no having to be pleasant to the in-laws, no raw … Continue reading This could be the best Christmas EVER..

Oh Winter solitude i Embrace You.

Will this rain ever relent ? Will the grey damp days ever change to a stronger pallette. Those summer greens, blues and yellows seem so far away as to fade to their own grey. At least they do here in the Northern Hempisphere. Its even been too damp to stoke my photographic fires of motivation. … Continue reading Oh Winter solitude i Embrace You.