Hello and welcome to my site. I am a former professional photographer based near the City of Liverpool in the UK. Over ten years ago i fell out of love with photography. I put everything away in the loft, closed my studio and walked away from it all.

In the intervening years i have had a few health scares. Nothing serious but enough to trigger anxiety, panic attacks and mild depression. I am lucky. And every day i appreciate that.

For Christmas 2018 my wife bought me a Lumix TZ80 compact camera. I love it. It goes everywhere with me and has re-ignited my love of photography. So much so that i have bought two, used, film cameras, dusted off my old Bronica ETRSi and invested in a used EOS 5D.  Photography has helped heal a lot of my demons.

Years ago i shared my work through blogger and a few people seemed to enjoy it. So, purely for my own entertainment, i have decided to resurrect “Life Through the Lens” ( as it was known) and bring it up to date.

I no longer take commissions or shoot for anyone but myself. I prefer it that way.  However I do sell my prints to a limited clientele and i publish books and zines occassionally. Please see my shop page for details.

And if you want to follow me on my photographic journey then i would be delighted to welcome you aboard.

Take care everyone. Don’t intentionally hurt anyone and don’t forget to smile.

Ian Simpson