Pray for Ukraine

I have set up a web site here in the UK as a voice for the civilian population of Ukraine. It uses the language of photography to show the true scale of humanitarian suffering. A few images are very graphic, most are just harrowing. I update it most days as new images are sent to … Continue reading Pray for Ukraine

Ukranian civilians evacuate Irpin

I was sent this video this morning by my Ukranian friend Yuriy Gruzinov. It was filmed yesterday ( Sunday 6th March 2022) and shows civilians evacuating the town of Irpin, outside Kiev. It has been sent to Sky News. You can see all of Sergi's images on this web site They are of … Continue reading Ukranian civilians evacuate Irpin

Praying for Ukraine 5 – Evidence of Genocide.

These images and more have been sent to me by a Ukranian filmmaker and photographer Sergi Mykhalchuk , fighting in Kviv. I have set up a web site to show his pictures that document the destruction and death being brought upon these people. The images are too graphic for the UK media to publish. News … Continue reading Praying for Ukraine 5 – Evidence of Genocide.

Praying for Ukraine 4

This is the Kiev Pechersk Lavra, the monastry of the caves. It is an historic Eastern orthodox Christian Monastry in hte centre of Kiev. It was founded in 1051 and the caves house the visible remains of over 100 saints including Pope Clement 1. It is a Unesco World Heritage site and one of the … Continue reading Praying for Ukraine 4