Waiting for the vaccine

Sterile corridors, white walls, stretching to infinity, You stare at nothing, hearing mumbled voices and cries, Waiting for a time, your turn, your name, For the chance to join the line. Mouthless people rushing past the white walls, Going nowhere, going everywhere, The line is getting longer but still the walls are white, Time is … Continue reading Waiting for the vaccine

Intentional Camera Movement

Intentional camera movement ( ICM ) is a photographic technique as old as the process itself. I have been using it with my motorsport work for over 40 years. However, it is currently in vogue so i thought i would show a few examples and explain how it is done. And, yes, i know its … Continue reading Intentional Camera Movement

Remember, remember

Remember, remember, the Fifth of NovemberGunpowder treason and plotI see no reason why gunpowder treasonShould ever be forgot Guy Fawkes, Guy Fawkes, 'twas his intentTo blow up the King and the ParliamentThree score barrels of powder belowPoor old England to overthrowBy God's providence he was catch'dWith a dark lantern and burning matchHoller boys, holler boys, … Continue reading Remember, remember