Travelling back in time

Time, or our concept of time, passes far quicker than we realise. But, by closing your eyes we can instantly transport ourselves back to wherever we remember. We can time travel within our own lifeline. This is one of England's most historic monuments. Stonehenge. Supposedly constructed over 4000 years ago it is today seen as … Continue reading Travelling back in time

Waiting for racing.

The actor Steve McQueen once said that "racing is life. Everything that happens between is just waiting for racing". It is an oft quoted remark used by motorsport fans around the world. The last 18 months has borne this out, showing us that everything that happens between major events in our lives is just waiting. … Continue reading Waiting for racing.

Old fashioned photograph printing

The cyanotype is an old method of producing a photographic print without the use of silver. It produces blue positive prints by contact printing negatives or you can create a photogram by placing objects directly onto the paper. The light sensetive chemicals that coat the paper ┬áreact to sunlight and after being exposed for around … Continue reading Old fashioned photograph printing