A Winters morning at the boatyard

Ive shot at this location many times before, most recently in early December. It calls to me, especially in winter. It is now when the place is at its most melancholic, when the quiet offers an eerie lonliness 'cept for the chiming of rigging against mast, reminding one of time passing, second by second. And … Continue reading A Winters morning at the boatyard

Insanity and Incarceration

"We live alone, together, seperated from what we know, what we knew. Consciousness is our prison guarded by fear. Each day a repeat of the one before until darkness promises an end. Don't look at the light, don't follow the song. Stay in the dark. Its what they want." This is called "Insanity 8". Part … Continue reading Insanity and Incarceration

The Midnight Mourner

She waits, under the glow of every full moon. lillies long since useful. Waiting. The desire for her long dead lover suffocating every last breath within. Through seasons changes and ages past she still returns. Always under the full moon. Always at midnight. Only to fade as smoke into the cold darkness. A whisper on … Continue reading The Midnight Mourner

Down in the Park….

Another dry day another chance to update one of my projects. "The Park" is the photographic story of 12 months in the life of the worlds oldest municipal park, Birkenhead Park in Merseyside in the UK. Opened in 1847 it has lived through 2 world wars and now 2 pandemics. After the floodA visit to … Continue reading Down in the Park….

Rain, rain, rain.

Here in the UK it seems like its been raining forever. Certainly December and January have been exceptionally bad. Grey days with the lights on at 3 o clock, 16 hours of darkness, cold that never seems to ease, damp mist getting into your bones. Parts of the UK have had severe floods in the … Continue reading Rain, rain, rain.

The Beatles and Operation Big Beat

New Brighton is an old victorian town built on the banks of the River Mersey, opposite Liverpool. It has gone through many transformations over the years but in the 1960s it hit a particular highspot. The Tower Ballroom, the remaining brick structure from the country's tallest tower, became the second most played venue by The … Continue reading The Beatles and Operation Big Beat