Is Christmas still relevant ?

I have been ill over this year's Christmas festivities and spending most of the days exhausted, in pain or asleep allows you the opportunity to see the holiday period in a totally different light. I know this will sound miserable and scrooge-like to the majority of you but please hear me out. I feel that … Continue reading Is Christmas still relevant ?

Time to Reflect….etc …etc…

December and the Christmas festivities sometimes tend to be a bit solemn. A time to gaze back at the outgoing year, contemplating on one's failings as well as triumphs. An opportunity, as Charles Dickens wrote, "to change". Nonesense. I'm not changing a thing. 2019 was great, I had a ball. And to prove it i … Continue reading Time to Reflect….etc …etc…

The loneliness of a British fairground in Winter

Continuing with my trip to Rhyl in North Wales, this is what the fairground looks like out of season.  Lonely, abandoned and forgotten; the summer laughter long since faded into the silence of winter. A ghost town awaiting the friendlier days of spring. I don't know about you but i find a British fairground in … Continue reading The loneliness of a British fairground in Winter

What happens in a British Seaside resort in winter ?

Yesterday, i took myself to Rhyl, a small seaside town in North Wales, looking to take some shots of boarded up fairground rides, closed candy floss stalls and sleeping rides awaiting finer weather. I got the shots i wanted. Fading signs, locked up ticket booths, empty arcades and ghostly ghost trains. And then i went … Continue reading What happens in a British Seaside resort in winter ?