When camera technology goes wrong

I have written before about the technology in modern cameras, how i feel it is allowing anyone to take great pictures. But sometimes it is too clever for its own use. Take "image stabilisation" for example. The technology designed to over-ride camera shake and give you sharp pictures at slow shutter speeds. Sounds marvellous and … Continue reading When camera technology goes wrong

overcoming the late summer blues

I love summer. And this one has been one of my favourites, despite the wet weather here in North West England. But like all good things it has to end. And that makes me sad. You see, this summer is when i really rediscovered photography. I know the seasons all offer their own unique opportunities … Continue reading overcoming the late summer blues

Is autofocus the best camera innovation ?

Over the years camera manufacturers have introduced a myriad of innovations and new settings, designed to make photography easier or to enable us to be more creative. Everything from TTL metering to 4k capture has enticed us and helped us improve our image taking capabilities. A lot of it is gimmicky, rarely used or just too … Continue reading Is autofocus the best camera innovation ?

Once upon a time in…..Wales

During our recent family holiday in Wales, i took the opportunity to continue my re-education into the world of photographic film. I took a roll of Kentmere 400 with me and on my return home, processed it in Bellini Eco developer. I am really happy with the results. The negatives are quite grainy and rather … Continue reading Once upon a time in…..Wales