Liverpool’s Musical Legacy

Paul Holden. One of Liverpool's top musical talents. Liverpool as a city has a vast musical heritage covering everything from music hall to pop, rock music and opera. The city that gave rise to The Beatles has continued to produce talent since the day Brian Epstein walked down the Cavern steps 60 years ago and … Continue reading Liverpool’s Musical Legacy

Sunset at the boatyard

The breeze silently caresses the shore, creating a repetetive tinkle of rigging shaking against masts. The insects fly in the warm night air offering food for the wild birds, the waders and swoopers, the divers and gliders. Life is happening all around despite the deathly silence that is occasionally disturbed by the swish of the … Continue reading Sunset at the boatyard

Inside the greenhouse

Part of my time in the summer is usually spent pottering away in my greenhouse. Tending my plants, growing my tomatoes and chili peppers, sowing, propogating and listening to the cricket on the radio. My favourite way of spending a summers afternoon. Sadly this summer, so far, has been that cold and wet that i … Continue reading Inside the greenhouse

Infra red film photography

These pictures were taken a few days ago in bright sunlight using Rollei Superpan 200 film and a 720nm infra red filter. The results are images that have had the infra red light wavelengths blocked, offering strange surreal versions of the world we know. Exposure settings for IR film is very much hit and miss … Continue reading Infra red film photography