Living by nature’s clock

As mainly an outdoor photographer and keen gardener, my life is dictated to by the seasons. We can only do certain tasks or shoot certain pictures at set times of the year. There's no point planning to shoot leaf fall in June just as you can't grow tomatoes in December. And that's a really good... Continue Reading →

A racetrack, a pinhole camera, a winters day and maybe a few ghosts.

So i finally got out yesterday with my pinhole camera. Armed with a roll of Kosmo 100 black and white film i visited Oulton Park racetrack in Cheshire to see what the camera could do. It was a beautifully sunny day so even using a tiny pinhole aperture exposures were typically around 1 sec, which... Continue Reading →

Journeys into pinhole photography

My wife bought me this beautiful hand crafted camera for Xmas but because of the things that dogged this years festivities i haven't really had chance to use it. Until now. I know it doesn't look like a camera, certainly not one that today's generation would recognise. However it is about as true to photography... Continue Reading →

The loneliness of a British fairground in Winter

Life Through the Lens

Continuing with my trip to Rhyl in North Wales, this is what the fairground looks like out of season.  Lonely, abandoned and forgotten; the summer laughter long since faded into the silence of winter. A ghost town awaiting the friendlier days of spring.

051219 -0590 The sad water ride

051219 -0594 The lonely railway

051219 -0612 The sleeping red hut

051219 -0617 Chips 1

051219 -0629 Chips 2

051219 -0638 Chips 3

051219 -0672 the empty arcade

051219 -0674 No time to stop..

051219 -0687 untitled

051219 -0694 waiting for better weather

051219 -0705 Rhyl sands

051219 -0726 The Sleeping Fairground

051219 -0734 Crazy golf

I don’t know about you but i find a British fairground in winter quite a sad place. All the noise and life the summer brings is gone. The energy, the laughter and the excitement has been blown away on the wind. It becomes an abandoned and forgotten wilderness, left to fend for itself until the warmer weather returns.

Thank you for looking at my pictures. If you would like to be automatically…

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Street Photography on New Years Day

Despite everything the Christmas period threw at me i managed to get out and do some photography. These images were all taken in Llandudno, North Wales on New Years Day 2020. Thank you for looking at my work. Please feel free to follow me for regular updates and all comments are welcome. You may also... Continue Reading →

Is Christmas still relevant ?

I have been ill over this year's Christmas festivities and spending most of the days exhausted, in pain or asleep allows you the opportunity to see the holiday period in a totally different light. I know this will sound miserable and scrooge-like to the majority of you but please hear me out. I feel that... Continue Reading →

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