Rain, rain, go away…..

It seems to have been raining forever. OK then, a long time. As if this time of year isn't getting dark enough i can't remember when i last saw blue sky. So to cheer us all up here are some colourful photographs i have taken indoors this week. Women's Make-up displays provide lots of colourHalloween … Continue reading Rain, rain, go away…..

What lurks deep in the woods ?

These are a few shots i took yesterday. They were all shot on slow shutter speeds to achieve the disturbing dreamlike effects. A bit of fun for Halloween week. The leaves have eyes."Come in my pretties", whispered the wind.RUN !!It's getting dark. We won't harm you...honest....The way out or a trap ?

Life from inside Tier 3 Lockdown.

Here in England we have 3 levels of lockdown. Three being the highest. Living in Merseyside i am in tier 3 and have been for the past two weeks. So what is life like under these restrictions ? How are we coping ? And how different is it to lockdown 1 ? As far as … Continue reading Life from inside Tier 3 Lockdown.

The Mail Box Challenge

When i taught photography i used to take my clients to a postbox. I then challenged them to take about 10 different pictures of the box. Using close ups, distance shots, different angles and other techniques that i had shown them, some could do it, many couldn't. When i went on my stroll the other … Continue reading The Mail Box Challenge

Greetings from inside Tier 3

As Covid 19 continues to frustrate scientists and scare politicians the world over we, the masses, have to live and plan our lives a best we can around ever changing advice and rules. Since some time last week, i've genuinly forgotten when, the area i live in here in the UK, Merseyside, has been under … Continue reading Greetings from inside Tier 3

My week in pictures

I've shot quite a few different things this week, from still life to wildlife, pumpkins to railway stations. Ive used a few different cameras and shot on both digital and film. And all the time i have been surrounded by these gorgeous golden tones of autumn. The silence of October is deafening, a soundtrack to … Continue reading My week in pictures