Oh Winter solitude i Embrace You.

Will this rain ever relent ? Will the grey damp days ever change to a stronger pallette. Those summer greens, blues and yellows seem so far away as to fade to their own grey. At least they do here in the Northern Hempisphere. Its even been too damp to stoke my photographic fires of motivation. … Continue reading Oh Winter solitude i Embrace You.

Life after Lockdown 2

Its been a week of big announcements here in the UK. On Tuesday we were told we could celebrate Christmas !!!! And this morning it was announced what would be happening to each area of England when lockdown ends next Wednesday night. As far as this area, Merseyside, Wirral & Cheshire is concerned the news … Continue reading Life after Lockdown 2

Liverpool in lockdown 2

As we continue our battle with Covid19 i thought i would take an evening stroll around Liverpool, the first English city to enter Tier 3 of restrictions after recording the countries highest rates of the disease 5 weeks ago. I wanted to see how quiet it was with bars, non-food shops and hotels shut. All … Continue reading Liverpool in lockdown 2

A quiet winters walk past a sleeping steamship

TSS Duke of Lancaster. Moored in Mostyn Dock, North Wales, since 1979. On the banks of the River Dee in North Wales sits a rusting old steamship. The TSS Duke of Lancaster. Since retirement from service in 1979 she has resided on the river's bank serving first as a "fun" ship, available for party hire … Continue reading A quiet winters walk past a sleeping steamship

There’s something poetic about a graveyard at this time of year.

I don't know if its the bare tree branches stretching like fingers searching for something or the scream of the crow cutting through the soft stillness that makes a graveyard so moody at this time of year. Maybe its the long deep shadows that point you towards your fate or the symoblism of death that … Continue reading There’s something poetic about a graveyard at this time of year.

What does panic feel like ? and how can you cope with it.

As so many people are currently in a lockdown of sorts, losing jobs, livelihoods and even family i thought this description of anxiety and panic may help non-sufferers emphasise.

Life Through the Lens

I suffer with anxiety a lot. Worrying about anything and everything. “Will the car start ?” “Am i ill ?” “What if this happens ?” “How do i avoid danger ?” Fighting it with rational thought takes energy, lots of it. Hence i am always tired which makes me think i’m ill. And so the spiral continues.

But panic, as i learnt on Friday, is something totally different. A much bigger monster. And when he wakes up anxiety and they both start to attack then you need to look out.

What does a panic attack feel like ? If you are lucky to have never suffered one, this is my best analogy. Imagine you hate flying. You are on a plane and everything is going really well. Suddenly, without warning, that plane plummets from the sky. That feeling you would get at that moment, that is how a panic attack…

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Planning for Spring

To garden is to always live in the future. While Christmas and the winter winds have yet to arrive, i am planning springtime. I have a few bulbs still to plant on Saturday as it is a good day for working with flowering plants and i am organising my seed order. What to grow, where, … Continue reading Planning for Spring