The Gardener and the Flower

Once upon a time a gardener grew a flower. This flower was the most wonderful thing he had ever seen and gave him great joy. Over the years the flower grew and continued to give the gardener grear happiness.

But the gardener grew lazy. Over time he took the flower’s beauty for granted. He forgot the pleasure the flower brought him and stopped tending it. He forgot to water it. Forgot to feed it. Kept it in the dark. And worst of all, he kept it in its old pot. He forgot to let it grow.

Over time the flowers blooms faded. But the gardener didn’t notice. And as each season passed the flower grew weaker.

Then one day the gardener awoke to find his flower in full bloom once more. It was in a larger pot. It’s roots were allowed to spread. It was being nourished and was healthy once more. It looked more beautiful than even the gardener remembered.

The gardener was confused because this wasn’t his doing. Another gardener had rescued the plant, saving it and loving it.

At first the gardener was angry. “This is my flower”, he thought. He didn’t want to share it. He didn’t understand that other people could also love his flower.

But over time he came to realise that the flower had outgrown the garden. His love for the flower was harming it. It needed space and time to flourish. Space and time that he no longer had. And by giving his flower this space it was able to repay the gardener with its beauty.

The gardener had learned to share.

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